a-starontheboulevard asked: Hm... deduce me? I don't post a lot of personal stuff, but I'd love to see what you get. (:


Female, age 17 from the USA as stated in your description. I’d imagine that you aren’t unpopular but you consider yourself to be fun-loving and at least a little on the bizarre side. You’re definitely friendly and don’t like to be intentionally cruel without a good reason.

You appreciate creativity and spontaneity to an extent and you also value human relationships highly, be it having them yourself or observing them in others.

You don’t like to conform completely but you have no, or very little, issue with appreciating and admitting to enjoy things that are popular. However, you also have no qualms with appreciating more classical arts. Hence, you enjoy what you enjoy and you don’t make any particular effort to moderate the things that you like.

I appreciate feedback, so if you have the time message me telling me how I did.


songsofmisandry-deactivated2013 asked: Go ahead and deduce me from my Tumblr. Don't hold back.

Alright-y then.

First let’s get the obvious assumptions out of the way: you’re female, you consider yourself as a feminist, you are more obsessive over television shows and fandoms than the average person, you consider yourself to be at least a little geeky, you’re heterosexual or bisexual (or potentially pansexual, but I doubt that). And, as is obvious, you’re on tumblr to pass the time and indulge in your fandoms.

I’d imagine that you have strong morals and are willing to fight to defend these morals, even if that may be difficult at times. Probably you enjoy tumblr partially because you can see others who share these strong opinions. Sexism is obviously a subject you are very opinionated about and it’s likely that this extends to other forms of discrimination such as racism etc. You dislike the common portrayal of feminists as man-hating lesbians.

You consider yourself to be unique and non-conformist. You don’t hide a lot behind the anonymity provided by the internet and I would imagine that in real life you act in the same, perhaps slightly diluted, way. You don’t believe in judging people by outwards appearances.

Finally, you are proud of the way you are and have a high self esteem, though it may be easily diminished at times.

Feedback is always appreciated, so tell me how I did.

Bored. Who wants to be deduced?

Check my blog for examples and info, anon or not.


ihanastisekasin asked: What can you deduct based on my blog? You don´t have much to go on.

I do enjoy a challenge.

First of all, you recently joined and I think you were recommended by somebody you know in real life. You may not have come here directly from that recommendation, but it may have been an influence. That’s just a hunch though, wanted to get it out of the way.

You see yourself as unique, or would at least like to be unique. This is because you value non-conformity to an extent, part of you doesn’t want to fit into the crowd.

I think you have a life outside of this website, by which I mean you either have a social life or are busy studying or doing other activities generally considered ‘normal’ and everyday. Alternatively, you have other sites that you prefer to tumblr that you frequent.

You have a fascination, not just mild I would assume, with darker characters and plot lines in series that you watch. You prefer them to happy go lucky and morally perfect characters.

I would say that you have a decent sense of humour, and enjoy humour more advanced that just slapstick comedy.

This was a tricky one, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous asked: Other people have described me as mysterious, smart, philosophical, opinionated, stubborn, someone who has her head in the clouds,someone who has much empathy, lazy, someone whose sexual drive is not on a normal level, brave, hardcore feminist, someone who is able to really (verbally) hurt someone in an argument, someone who thinks for herself. I usually describe myself through what I like, because I have no idea what I am. I don´t agree with many of those, but it is my way of getting to know me

This is an interesting one, Anon.

First of all, others might consider the fact that you see yourself through others eyes as a suggestion of weakness but clearly that is not the case. Perhaps, however, you consider yourself as a weak person putting on a front.

I would infer that you consider yourself to be somebody who acts around other people, in terms of how your personality is around them. You certainly aren’t completely honest, perhaps even with people you consider close.

I would imagine that you pick up the habits of characters you like, maybe even to the extent that your mood and reaction to something depends entirely on what theirs would be.

You don’t consider yourself to be a conformist, but you have a self-image that you very much want to maintain. Therefore, normal insults won’t hurt you but there are personality aspects that you are insecure about, which other people don’t often pick up on.

I would assume from this that you are a teenager, and that you get average or good grades, though perhaps you just put in as little effort as possible.

You understand other people, I’m not sure to what extent that is but I think you are able to determine what will make others break in an argument. This may be because of social norms or you may be skilled at reading people.

I always appreciate feedback, even if you remain anonymous, so feel free to tell me how I did so I can improve.


dvdetectiveconsultor asked: Search in my blog, and go head, deduce me. I can tell from personal experience how fun is brainwork. I read what you've received and I agree on most everything you said about others. I find your blog very, very amusing. Keep up the good work, sir.

First of all, thank you very much.

This’ll be tricky (especially as I can just about understand some of the words on your blog), but you are definitely very interesting.

First of all, I’ll point out the obvious. You have a strong fascination with injuries, human biology in general, forensics and injury-related crime. Looking further back this expands to general biology and general crime, but to me these seem the roots. What interests me is your motivation.

I think that at least part of you relishes the mystery. You yourself, I believe, wish to seem mysterious, but it’s more than that. I imagine that you gain some form of excitement from unsolved crimes, such as the murders of the Zodiac killer. I think that you very much would like to know the solution to unsolved crimes whilst at the same time you enjoy reading about them because of the ambiguity.

You definitely aren’t squeamish, and I’d suggest that you have an ability to separate yourself emotionally from upsetting situations, either due to a general lack of empathy or as an acquired skill.

I’d imagine that you work in forensics or pathology, or aim to work in a similar area. You consider yourself to be intelligent and respectable. I’m not sure how old you are, but if you’re under 25 I’d say you consider yourself old for your age. Hazarding a guess here, I’d say you consider yourself unique and aspire to be interesting even if only to yourself.

You enjoy antiquity and things with a classical aspect, and you are not such a big fan of modern design and such.

Finally, you’re very polite in your message. I assume that english is not your first language, but you speak very formally. Based on my observations so far, I’d say that this is an attempt to appear respectable.

I appreciate feedback, and thank you again for your lovely comments.


Anonymous asked: I reject everyone who asks me out and then I complain about being single.

Hmm, that’s a little difficult without looking at you.

It could be that you merely have high standards from a purely shallow point of view (as in you don’t consider them good looking enough), but I doubt if that were the case you would be picking up on it and bothering to ask me to deduce it. Although, appearance may be a factor.

It is my opinion that you believe that you have issues with either self esteem (this is the part appearance might be useful for) or committing. You’ve probably considered both of these at least a little, but apparently conventional solutions are not working for you.

I imagine that you are a bit of a romantic or idealist, I’m going to assume that you are a Sherlock fan and go ahead and say that there is a strong possibility that you’re looking for somebody similar to a character in the series. You desire to be cared about but you fear that the person you choose will not meet the standards you have developed from observing these characters.

I’m not brilliant with romance, so feedback would be greatly appreciated on this one even if you remain anonymous.

Bored. Send deduction requests please.

Anonymous or not, lots of info or not. I will attempt to make deductions from literally any information you give me. Check my blog for examples.


simply0spooky asked: what can you deduce from my tumblr??

Ah, my first deduction on a named user. Fun!

Ok, you are a self confessed ‘physics geek’. Considering your interests this would firstly suggest to me that you prefer intelligent characters in shows, likely characters being Sheldon Cooper and Doctor Who. I imagine that you enjoy astrophysics especially.

Secondly, the layout you have selected for your blog as well as your interests would suggest to me that you enjoy spontaneity to an extent, and perhaps you keep a diary or a scrapbook because of such creative inclinations.

Your icon suggests that you are social, and that you consider your friends to be an important aspect of your life. You definitely see yourself as a part of your social group, but depending on the nature of your friends you may separate yourself out sometimes. If they aren’t tumblr users, I imagine you see yourself as the slightly random and obsessive girl in your group of friends.

Your reblogs would suggest to me that you are a romantic, both in a lovey-dovey sense and an idealistic sense. You enjoy and appreciate creativity and natural beauty. I imagine that you would like a partner, and you would find it important that they appreciate your personality and your interests.

Finally, lack of capitalisation and double question mark suggests to me that despite a decent education and no lack of actual spelling abilitiees you consider such things frivolous over the internet.

Feel free to tell me how I’ve done and correct me, I’m always looking to improve.

Send me any information anonymously or your username and I will attempt to deduce as much as I can about you

Check my blog for deductions so far, and feel free to send more than one anonymously.